Defect Metrology

200mm Sheet or Patterned wafers measured for defects.

  • Wafers measured on KLA2139 brightfield, AITxp or SP-1 defect measurement tool.
  • Defect Review with Optical Microscope and SEM images provided for defect classification.
  • 90nm Device Fab Yield Engineer classifications of defects based on fab’s defect library.
  • Sample Report available by request, or login to download
  • EDX chemical constituent analysis available
  • AFM defect morphology analysis available

Thin Film Measurement Services

Measurement services for transparent film stacks or metal films.

200mm Profilometry

Veeco Vx 200mm Atomic Force Profilometry

  • High resolution dishing and erosion measurements from industry standard tool set.

Electrical Testing

Measurement of the resistance and capacitance for metalized wafers.

  • Report with all data summarized graphically.
  • Report grouping is configurable by the customer.
  • Probe cards and recipes available for all Silyb pattern wafers, inquire for other pattern wafer designs
  • Contact us for sample reports, or login to download.