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About Us

Silyb Wafer Services is your Total Test Wafer Solution.

WaferWe offer cutting edge short loop patterned wafers specifically designed for the needs of the CMP test wafer users. The patterned short loop designs are created with industry leader feedback and input to ensure ease of use and applicability to the R&D challenges faced by the CMP industry. All patterned wafers and sheet wafers are matched from the same tools and same stacks to ensure testing continuity.

Silyb Wafer Services is Different

We offer the most complete portfolio of products and services in the test wafer industry.

A stable supply chain is key to a development program.

Through long term supply agreements with our customers and suppliers, Silyb Wafer Services stabilizes your test wafer supply. To further ensure there is never a supply interruption, we keep a safety stock of your wafer needs.